Oct 18

Teaching in time of crisis

18 Oct - 10 Oct
14:00 - 16:00

Education Amidst Crisis: Join Our Online Workshop! (on Google Meet)

We’re excited to announce an online workshop focusing on teaching during times of crisis. During this session, experienced professors from USV (Romania), ONPU(Ukraine), and neighboring universities will share their insights.

They will delve into how the challenges of the past three years have transformed their perspectives on the teaching process. Additionally, they’ll discuss the new competencies that should be introduced or given priority in student activities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives on education in challenging times. The event is organised under the ENI CBC Romania Ukraine programme – ”Educational University Romanian-Ukrainian Cross-Border Cooperation – UNIV.E.R-U”

📚Join us for an engaging discussion!

Organisers: “Stefan cel  Mare” University of Suceava

                         Odessa National Polytechnic University