Oct 20

STEAM FAIR with a focus on robotics, AI, 3D printing, and VR

Novi Sad, Serbia
20 Oct - 20 Oct
10:00 - 16:00

As the theme of the Interreg Cooperation Day celebration for 2023 is “Year of Skills”, we believe that the UPDATE project provides an excellent example and insight into the skills for which there is an increasing need and demand today. An insight into the same will be made possible at the STEAM fair where, in addition to various lectures and educations, stands with exhibitors from Croatia and Serbia will be on display. Exhibitors would facilitate learning through play in a fun way with experiments in chemistry, physics and electrical engineering, robots, VR equipment etc. Also, the goal of the celebration is to send a strong message through this year’s celebration about the importance of European programmes, but also of European unity through territorial cooperation, and to show all event participants how they can participate in Interreg programmes and projects.