Jul 26

Photo and video contest for POCTEP cooperation projects

26 Jul - 29 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

Every year, around September 21, more than 100 Interreg programmes celebrate Interreg Cooperation Day organizing events all over Europe, and POCTEP, of course, is joining the party.

In 2023, European Year of Skills, the Interreg Cooperation Day (formerly European Cooperation Day or EC Day) has the central theme of “skills and learning”. Celebrations intend to to increase the visibility of Interreg coperation projects.

As in previous years, Interreg Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) cooperation programme launches a photo & video contest. This is a way of rewarding its more than 270 approved cooperation projects for their hard work to improve the lives of citizens.

POCTEP training projects

The theme of the contest in the 2023 edition is "POCTEP, skills and learning", and projects can send pictures and videos of training actions in any field. 

These actions should have been developed within the framework of the 2014-2020 approved projects.

Also, between Sept 14th and 29th, preselected materials will face the 'public vote' on Facebook. 

Everybody can vote! Don't forget to share!

See rules on this link, and check last year' s winners on this one.

Good luck to all the participants!