Oct 25

Photo competition “Cooperation across borders”

Östersund, Sweden
25 Oct - 15 Sep
08:00 - 23:59

Theme “Cooperation across borders”

How do you best capture the project’s collaboration in a photo? 
In addition to inspiring, the aim of the competition is to give an insight into your project, its activities and your varied surroundings. So let your imagination run wild and take out your camera or mobile phone and send in your creative suggestions!

Who can participate?

Everyone who implements a project financed by Interreg Sweden-Norway.

Here’s how to participate

Send your contribution to  Marie B. Låte or Wenche Lidberg by e-mail. You can submit a maximum of three (3) photos in any format, preferably jpg. State where the photo was taken, what the photo represents (type of work, meeting/activity or similar), which project it applies to and who is the photographer. Photo Credit will be given in cases where the images are used on the web or in another format.

The last day to submit photos is September 15.

By participating in the photo competition, you give Interreg Sweden-Norway the right to use your submitted photos, for example in different presentations of the program on different channels.

Feel free to include people in the picture, but remember that you must have their permission for the picture to be published.


A jury will select the best photo. In the selection of photos, consideration will be given to creativity, composition of the image and how well the photo follows the theme. The winner/project receives a prize and is presented on Facebook in connection with Interreg Cooperation Day on 21 September.


Questions about the competition are answered by Marie B. Låte or Wenche Lidberg


Link to the original announcement: https://www.interreg-sverige-norge.com/fototavling/