Sep 20

Interreg Day: ‘Learning by Doing’ to attract young people to the naval sector

20 Sep - 25 Sep
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On European Year of Skills,  The Navigating the Future project celebrates Interreg Cooperation Day with a series of events.

These virtual reality, ‘learning by doing’ and bootcamps and that seek to attract young people to the industrial and naval sector of the Galicia-Northern Portugal euroregion.

Specifically, there are 3 activities framed within the project that are celebrated during the Interreg Cooperation Day commemorations:


– Learning by Doing Days, with the objective of awakening technological vocations among students of vocational training and university education. On these on the European Year of Skills  – Interreg Day, Students will learn about 4.0 technologies applied to the naval sector. The lead project partner CIS TECNOLOXÍA ​​E DESEÑO celebrates this events in the spanish city of Ferrol.

 Bootcamp: work session with companies to help them make decisions to acquire complex technologies. It takes place in the Portuguese city of Porto at the headquarters of the CATIM projec partner.

-Stand at Navalia International Shipbuilding Meeting, held between September 20 and 22 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, by the ACLUNAGA project partner.


About Navigating the Future 

This project capitalizes on the results of the previous POCTEP – Manufactur 4.0 project (0411_MANUFACTUR4_0_1_E). Manufactur 4.0 improves the relationship and link between research centers and companies in the metal-mechanical naval sector.
  • 8 demonstrative actions for the use of TFE in the naval sector, for higher/tertiary education students.
  • 120 trained students.
  • 2 actions to acquire skills for complex technological purchases, for workers in the naval sector.
  • 2 bootcamps on complex technology purchases.
  • 1 hackathon on tech-saving solutions applied to naval.
  • Consolidation of adoption of 4.0 technologies developed during Manufacturing 4.0 in naval SMEs.
  • Dissemination of technological knowledge and STEM skills in the naval sector among higher education students, transmitting a technologically advanced image of the sector that attracts new vocations.