Sep 22

Interreg Cooperation Day in Moldova 2023 – Together stronger for a European year of skills

Chișinău, Moldova
22 Sep
The event aims to improve the visibility and public awareness of the Joint Operational Programme Romania- Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 by highlighting how the projects of this programme reduce national obstacles and disparities, beyond territorial borders through joint investments in skills in education, research, entrepreneurial education and innovation from those two countries.
Through the Joint Operational Program Romania-Republic of Moldova, the European Union supports skills in the program area, contributing to sustainable growth, innovation and competitiveness by implementing projects focused on the development of skills on both banks of the Prut.
Under the slogan “Stronger together for a European year of skills” the activities planned for the Interreg Cooperation Day will promote the assistance provided by the Joint Operational Program Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020, underlining the importance of skills for the benefit of citizens, for stakeholders at local and national level, but and for the media. Thus, the agenda of the Interreg Cooperation Day includes study visits to two of the programme projects, implemented by the Technical University of Moldova (Cross-Border Regional Hub of Competences for the Automotive Industry – CROSSCOMP and Intelligent Valorisation of Agro-Food Industrial Wastes – INTELWASTES), a discussion panel for sharing good practices and an open lesson for students in the field of entrepreneurship. The Interreg Cooperation Day will culminate with an Award Gala of the winners of the photo contest “Common borders. Common solutions”.
Thus, the Technical University of Moldova will open the doors of the laboratories that have been equipped with the support of the Joint Operational Programme Romania- Republic of Moldova 2014-2020, namely the laboratory of electronic equipment for automobiles, the laboratory of dedicated electronic systems and applications with microcontrollers, the laboratory of automobile diagnostics and the laboratory of intelligent utilization of agro-industrial waste from the Faculty of Food Technology.
Also, at least 50 students and other interested parties will participate at one open lesson aiming to promote skills and entrepreneurial culture among young people, which will be held by the Organisation for Entrepreneurship Development (ODA).
To celebrate the good neighborliness achieved through cross-border cooperation actions, winners of the photo contest Common borders. Common solutions” will be invited at the Award Gala of the contest, which will take place at Tekwill Academy, which is in the premises of the Technical University of Moldova. The best works will be will be exhibited during the Interreg Cooperation Day and awarded with modern gadgets: smartwatch, audio headphones and an electric scooter, as well as other surprises from organizers. Also, during the Gala, Joint Operational Program Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 beneficiaries with skills projects will share their project experience, challenges and best practices and the management authorities will come with an opening speech for celebrating the event.
In the framework of the Interreg Cooperation Day, the projects of the programme investing in people and skills, will demonstrate that research and innovations provide the needed support to a balanced and sustainable development of the eligible area. Also, the education sector development is one of the areas strongly supported as a key area for action and in this way, the joint cooperation increases the quality, attractiveness teaching skills and accessibility of the education programs in the programme area. Participation in the Interreg Cooperation Day in the framework of the European Year of Skills 2023, offers a great opportunity for the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020, to reach out together to the people who are not generally familiar with the programme.
The events dedicated to Interreg Cooperation Day in Chisinau are planned for September 22, 2023, by promoting joint solutions of the programme, connecting in this way, both management authorities of the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020, central and local authorities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, partners and beneficiaries of the project, the general public, stakeholders and journalists interested in transnational cooperation.
Date: September 22, 2023
Place: Technical University of Moldova, 7 Studentilor street, Chișinău
Language: Romanian
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