Sep 28

Dolyna invites neighboring communities to celebrate INTERREG COOPERATION DAY 2023

Dolyna, lvano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine
28 Sep - 28 Sep
09:00 - 12:00

Dolyna City Council is organizing a local conference on the project “Cooperation for the improvement of health services in the communities of Dolyna and Baia Sprie” to celebrate INTERREG Cooperation Day 2023.

Thanks to this project, financed by the EU through the JOP Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020, qualitative transformations in the health care system for the benefit of local residents have been achieved in partner communities. Dolyna would like to share with neighboring municipalities the experience gained and motivate them to participate in cross border projects.

Join us to improve health services together and make our communities healthy and prosperous!

Be part of the winning cooperation!

Key topics of the conference:

Presentation of the results of the project: during the conference, we will talk about the achievements and challenges of our project, share success stories and important findings that helped improve health services in our community.

  • Exchange of experiences: we will discuss with the participants their practices and methods that really work in improving medical services.
  • Promotion of European cooperation, namely JOP Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020: we participants how cross-border cooperation within the framework of the above mentioned project helps us in the development of our community.


  • Mayors of 13 neighboring communities adjacent to the Dolyna Territorial Community;
  • Employees responsible for international cooperation and project management in the specified municipalities;
  • Representatives of the medical community;
  • Representatives of Association of Ukrainian cities
  • Local residents

The participants of the event will visit Primary Health Care Center in Dolyna for a visual demonstration of the project’s results.